McClure’s Choice – Hypertension Quiz

February 11, 2018…….Dr. Jeremiah McClure has recommended another article.

A quick hypertension quiz…..

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding hypertension among US patients?

Approximately one-quarter of adult patients with hypertension have inadequate blood pressure (BP) control

Chosen by 46% of respondents.
Hypertension is the most common diagnosis made in physician office visits

Chosen by 42% of respondents.
Regarding patients aged 75 years or older, hypertension is slightly more common among male patients compared to female patients

Chosen by 12% of respondents.


According to information cited in an article published online in The Journal of Family Practice, “[h]ypertension is the most common diagnosis made during physician office visits in the United States. Nearly one-third of the population has hypertension, and its prevalence increases with age, such that 67% of men and 79% of women ≥75 years of age have the condition.” There also exist “findings that indicate nearly half of adults with hypertension have inadequate BP control.”


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